Privacy Policy

We are a leading solution provider in web design and development services. We here at GIT Infosys maintain a very high level of security and privacy measures. We have imposed well maintained strategically sound implications so that none of any kind of information can get leaked. All this stuff is to ensure a complete reassurance as far as any data or other authorities and official information is concerns. We does not issue or transfer any information that is shared in between us and our client and we also ensure that this overall information would also not be shared, sell and rented to any other person or third party in any sense and may only be used for in development and designing and post maintenance purpose only.

If in moving around pages in our sites or we can say while traversing our site pages or forms can be found that demands for some information. Such these data inputs is to provide you better assistance communication and other sole purpose such as for any future advancement and upgredation that can make your site experiences even better. Such these forms give you quick news and responses according to your query and send Emails and all of this helps us build better relationship with our customers.