5 Reasons You Should Get Your Website SSL Certified

Would you like to share your confidential information such as Credit/Debit Card Number, CVV, Username and Password with other users on the Internet? The answer to this would obviously be a big no. Who would share such confidential data?


This is the reason having SSL Certificate is a must now. Your website would be more secure than ever, as every information being transmitted between client and server will be encrypted thus giving the visitors a confidence to browse your website securely and complete their transaction and other important work.


SSL Certificate will encrypt all the information being transferred between the user and the server. An encrypted information is safe against any security breach and is not accessible to any third parties other than the sender and receiver.


Following are the reasons you should consider why is it a need of the day to get your website SSL Certified :


SSL improves your search engine ranking :

 It date backs to the year 2014 when Search Engine giant Google announced that HTTPS(Hyper Text Transfer Protocol Secure) will be considered as a ranking parameter in its search engine results. It has been their goal to make the Internet a safer place. Google now rewards the website having SSL Certificates with a higher ranking as opposed to those website which are not secured by an SSL Encryption.

We have seen a dramatic rise in our website’s ranking on search engine result pages for our target keywords. All we did was getting an SSL certificate for our website.


Secures Website Data :

The SSL Certificate is intended to keep all the confidential information secure and safe from the third parties or intruders. It encrypts all the data being transmitted so that it becomes inaccessible to other users. Hence we can become depended when we see a website with HTTPS connection.


Increased Authentication :

Securing your website with a certificate from reliable provider enhances its authentication. It then becomes the necessary for PKI(Public Key Infrastructure) to ensure that the information is being passed to its intended receiver only and it cannot be accessed from any other device on the same server.

Enhanced Customers Trust :

It has been found in a survey that 68% of the internet users think that there are not enough laws to protect their rights. Almost 46.9% of these users won’t trust a website if it’s not having an SSL certificate. The green padlock behind the URL is a sign of assurance to the internet users. It provides the Internet user with assurance that the website they are browsing is safe and secure. These visual signs simply build trust among the customers and will boost the conversion rate of your website substantially.

Secures Website Against Phishing :

If you are a tech geek or have been into the Information Technology world for long than you might have come across this term – Phishing. It is an act of stealing the sensitive information of users through the similarly designed fake website as of their trusted one. This can occur with your site’s domain too.


          This figure clearly shows how many website have suffered the Phishing attack in the recent years.

SSL acts as a safeguard against such phishing attacks and keeps all your data secure and safe. It lets you work in peace so that you can work on growing your website rather than securing it. Be it an e-commerce site or any other business site, having an SSL Certificate makes it much more reliable as compared to others.


In this era where cut-throat competition between businesses has become so common, gaining visitor’s attention and then converting it to your customer is a tedious task. Here SSL certificate acts as an entry ticket to win their trust


Stilling giving a second thought to SSL Certification? We suggest to hurry up and get the certification today.


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