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OSS, defined in the Open Source Definition and free software (defined by the Free Software Foundation (FSF). In practice, nearly all software meeting one definition also meets each other. To run the program for any purpose whose licenses permit we can do this through OSS/FS.

The motives (or at least the emphasis) of the people who use the term ``open source'' are sometimes different than those who use the term ``Free Software.'' The term ``open source software'' (a term championed by Eric Raymond) is often used by people who wish to stress aspects such as high reliability and flexibility of the resulting program as the primary motivation for developing such software. The term ``Free Software'' (used in this way) stresses freedom from control by another (the standard explanation is ``think free speech, not free beer''). The FSF found by Richard Stallman, on the FSF prefers the term ``free software'' instead of ``open source software''. About these two terms Eben Moglen has also commentary as well. Merrill Lynch advice Robert Lefkowitz found what may be a better way to describe the phrase free software: "We like to think of it as 'free as in market.'"

Tony Stance also gives speech to describe some of the issues of free software; a good quote from it is that [in cyberspace] software is the functional equivalent to law in real space, because it controls people, just like law does. Much more and therefore dangerous in the wrong hands.

In contrast, Eric Raymond's Open Source Initiative declares that the term ``open source'' is ``a marketing program for free software'' (and recommends using the term ``open source'' instead).

In a similar manner, the most widely used OSS/FS operating system is referred to by two names: ``GNU/Linux'' and simply ``Linux.'' ``GNU'' is pronounced ``guh-new'', and ``Linux'' rhymes with ``cynics.'' Technically, the name ``Linux'' is just the name of one system component (the ``kernel''), but often ``Linux'' is used to mean the entire system .When we discuss with entire system to preferred term in GNU/Linux so that article is written by Richard Stallman that why he believe in this. Credit to build FSF’s GNU project is give to the organization and give advantage.

Not only did the FSF spearhead the initial work, but as measured by lines of code the GNU project contributes far more code than the Linux kernel does.

An advantage of the term ``Linux'' is that it's much easier to say. It's also worth noting that many other company’s besides GNU helped develop GNU/Linux, and calling the result ``GNU/Linux'' doesn't give them credit. I try to use the term ``GNU/Linux'' here and in my paper Why Open Source Software / Free Software? I have to pick a name .So I pick this, and I guess I chosen correct word for this.

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