Best Search Engine Optimization Techniques

Search engine optimization, or SEO as it's generally understood (that is quite a mouthful, after all!), is a bit like a moving target, since the elements that make up SEO are regularly changing due to the fact that Google is frequently changing its search algorithm.


That having said, there are few elements that do remain constant even when all around them is changing. Here we'll look at some of those being the top 5 free search engine optimization techniques.


1. Content creation


You may have heard the old dead lock many times, but amazingly enough, it still keep it  true and that is content is king and as such, one of the most important search engine optimization techniques. The search robots crawl the content of a site to get an idea of what the site's about, so the more relevant your content is to your site's theme the happier the engines are. And it needs to be compelling enough to keep your human visitors engaged.


2. Links


And we're not just discussing any ordinary links here, but quality inbound links, particularly from authoritative sites within your market. This is one of the key ingredients in SEO, and one of the top search engine optimization techniques, and the way to draw attention high value incoming links is by - any guesses? Yes, you've got it! - providing excellent content. There's that "c" word again!


3. Keywords


It's not only important that you use keywords that you have a chance to rank for (low competition, decent traffic), but that the density (frequency of use) is suitable. You should aim for a keyword density of 2-5 percent, whilst ensuring your content reads well. Don't intensify keyword use although, as this can be regarded as spam and can contrarily affect your content's readability, disclaiming one of the best search engine optimization techniques.


4. Page Titles


It's important to make sure you construct your page titles go through sharply, including the proper keyword in the title and making sure it gets the meaning and objective of the page across. Your page title will be included in search engine results and so should be as enthralling and eye-catching, in addition to as compatible, as possible. Many marketers miss this most important of techniques - don't fall into that trap yourself.





5. Internal Linking


Primarily, defective links within your internal site structure are the search as compare to the kiss of death, because, once a search robot hits a broken link, it has nowhere to go, effectively ending the table of content of your site. So, make sure all internal links are recognized and that they contain descriptive, keyword-focused anchor text that tells both humans and the engines what they can look forward to find when they access the linked page.


These then are the top 5 free search engine optimization techniques, according to me, presented in no particular order, and if you pay attention to these, you'll be fine on your way to carry on a top search ranking.


There are lots of elements that make up a complete search engine optimization strategy, so please go through my web site for further details on even more search engine optimization techniques. And to take advantage of one of the best online education available, stop by for all the details.

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